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Many Years of Industry Experience

To run your facility optimally with the highest operating time possible, you need an experienced partner to provide what it takes. VODA A/S offers the team, tools and infrastructure that makes us the optimum partner for you.

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Preventive Maintenance

VODA A/S possesses the knowledge and skills required to prevent a facility breakdown.The knowledge is acquired through many years of experience with exactly these types of power generating facilities.

Experience is brought along from one facility to another. If requested, information on the state of a facility is put into an inspection report which will form the basis for optimum maintenance year after year.

Our sole objective is to improve your business and increase value.


Need our support?

The competent VODA A/S team is ready to support you. Our service cars are always loaded with the tools and equipment necessary to keep your facility running or put it back in operation quickly.

Therefore, we recommend you to get a Service Agreement with VODA A/S. 


Goal 7 #: Sustainable energy to modern energy

As part of the process of green conversion, VODA ensures that the power plants receive a modern solution that is set up to provide optimal performance. By helping our customers optimize their daily maintenance program, a reliable energy supply is ensured.

Goal 9 #: Industry, innovation and infrastructure

VODA contributes to a cleaner industry and a sustainable environment through optimization of our customers’ facilities. This reduces i.a. the emission of NOx and, ensures an optimal return on the resources of our society. By focusing on value-creating solutions for our customers, we help to ensure a minimum of CO2 emissions and optimize the value chain from start to finish.

Goal 12 #: Responsible consumption and production

Through unique partnership agreements in the area of recycling of grate goods, VODA contributes to the green transition. As a first mover in the market, VODA works hard to ensure optimal utilization of resources. This involves i.a. that a significant part of the grate goods we change is sent for remelting, so that it can be recast and used once again.