Broad Knowledge on Energy Plants


Service & Maintenance of Energy Generation Plants

In close collaboration with you, we will plan the inspection and revision of your facility. Such work can be covered in a fixed agreement, based on inspection reports from previous years. We will coordinate the work and commit to timely delivery.


The VODA team will perform thorough inspections of your facility and appertaining equipment. We will answer your questions regarding combustions grates, fuel feeding, slag handling, pressurized parts and other auxiliary equipment in the facility.


Our sole objective is to improve your business and ensure value increase of your facility. For that purpose, the VODA team will advise you about the best possible plant utilisation.


To ensure optimum operation, your energy facility requires regular service and maintenance. A service agreement can be made with VODA A/S covering plant inspection and maintenance with all necessary means.

Trouble Shooting

It is not always easy to detect the root cause of an error in a facility. The VODA team isparticularly skilled and knows special techniques for troubleshooting and finding the right solutions.

Service Agreement

VODA A/S is a team of highly qualified personnel, able to assist you whatever the problem. Our service cars are always equipped with the tools required to sustain your operation or get your plant back in operation fast and efficiently in case of a breakdown. Therefore, we recommend a service agreement.

Inspection Report

To ensure insight, overview and accuracy, we offer to make an inspection report covering the maintenance tasks required for your plant. Year after year, the inspection report will form the basis of optimum maintenance work.